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Robison-Anton Bulk Polyester Bobbin Thread

Robison-Anton Filament Polyester Bobbin Thread
1100 Yard Mini-King Spools

Robison-Anton Bobbin Thread

Many customers have requested a filament polyester bobbin thread, so we're now offering this white 100% filament polyester bobbin thread in a mini-king spool.

Each spool contains 1100 yards of two-ply bobbin-weight filament polyester thread and will fill about 10 or 11 bobbins.

Robison-Anton Filament
Polyester Bobbin Thread

1100 yd Mini-King Spool

Robison-Anton Filament
Polyester Bobbin Thread

1100 yd Mini-King Spool

Robison-Anton Spun Polyester Bobbin Thread
10000 Yd. Spools

Robison-Anton Bulk Bobbin Thread

This Robison-Anton spun polyester thread is designed for those who prefer to wind their own bobbins, instead of using pre-wound bobbins.

Each spool contains 10,000 yards of 80-weight, 2-ply bobbin thread.

The average bobbin holds about 100 yards of thread. So you can fill roughly 100 bobbins from this one spool!

Robison-Anton Spun
Polyester Bobbin Thread

10,000 yd Spool


So what's the difference between "Filament" and "Spun" Polyester Bobbin Thread?

In practical use, there's no real difference between the two. The only real obvious difference is that Spun Polyester bobbin thread has a somewhat "fuzzy" look to it and will produce more lint. Filament polyester bobbin thread is smooth, with almost no lint at all. You can safely choose either type of bobbin thread for use with your embroidery machine.

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