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Robison-Anton Thread Art Tapestry 12-Spool Package


This 12-spool package was designed for use with the Husqvarna "Thread Art Tapestry" embroidery design set and includes 6 new Robison-Anton variegated embroidery thread colors designed by Sue Patten of Golden Threads, plus 4 spools of classic Robison-Anton Variegated embroidery thread and 2 spools of Robison-Anton solid rayon embroidery thread. (The package includes 2 spools each of #2361 Nugget Variegated and #2632 Jet Black)

The variegated colors contain 700 yards of Rayon embroidery thread per spool, and the solid color contains 1100 yards per spool.

This package includes the following Robison-Anton embroidery thread colors:

ColorThread Name
2632 Jet Black
2360 Brown Variegated
2361 Nugget Variegated
2371 Rainbow Variegated
AT01 3CC Earth
AT02 4CC Amethyst
AT03 4CC Ocean
AT04 4CC Sunset
AT05 4CC Fire
AT06 4CC Summer

Please note: We have attempted to match the colors of the threads as closely as possible. However, due to monitor differences and other limitations, the actual color of the thread may be slightly different than displayed. For an exact reference, we recommend that you order your own color card.

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